DCP Main Self Learning Resources

Video Guide Playlists

The following video guides are whole playlists on Youtube, organised according to topic. All videos contain accurate subtitles for those viewers who lack speakers for sound.

Name Description Video
Bowel Cancer Disease Screening Bowel Cancer Screening topics, clinically lead by Dr Oliver Frank. YouTube Playlist
DCP Everyday Use All the relevant YouTube Videos for DCP Everyday Use! YouTube Playlist
Hypertension Disease This is a set of all the videos related to the topic of Hypertension Disease as applied with the Doctors Control Panel. YouTube Playlist
Installation Installation related topics from the regular installation to other options. YouTube Playlist
Patient Centric Documents YouTube Playlist
Performant Charts YouTube Playlist
Medscope Integration All these videos relate to the DCP-Medscope Integration YouTube Playlist
Mental Health YouTube Playlist
Training All Clinical and General Topics (other than those specialist topics). YouTube Playlist

Video and Document Guides

The following document guides are listed in the following table. Some might be related to each other where a video guide has a matching document guide which could contain for detail.

Name Description Document Video Date
Main Control Panel Reference Guide This Reference Guide aims to present an overview of the Main Control Panel layout in the Doctors Control Panel PDF File 23-Feb-2017
DCP Functions Panel Overlay Reference Guide This Reference Guide aims to present an overview of the Functions Panel Overlay in the Doctors Control Panel.
Using this feature will allow access to a diverse range of specialized features and functions of the DCP, not readily accessible from the Main Control Panel. (Previously these were shortcut items on a shortcut region on the Main Control Panel.)
PDF File 18-Jan-2017
DCP Installation (Regular version) This Reference Guide aims to present an overview of the regular installation approach in the Doctors Control Panel.
It will feature the regular installation of the Doctors Control Panel (DCP) is the most common installation version
PDF File YouTube Video 3-Feb-2017


Video Updates

These video updates are intended to be a 2-3 minutes brief tour of any new features or improvements added. They are published approximately monthly, and are listed in the following table:

Name Description Video Date
Performant Charts – Overview – Part 1 – First Look Overview This presentation demonstrates the newest major feature to the DCP: Performant Charts. This feature is mainly for Practice Managers, Principals and Owners to review the clinical and practice performance of their General Practice. It can also be used to a limited degree by other Practice staff too, like GPs, Nurses, and Office Administrators. YouTube Video 28-Aug-2017
DCP For Beginners Webinar – 7 July 2017 7PM This is a webinar recording on a topic for Beginners to the Doctors Control Panel (DCP). It was the first webinar ever held on 7th July 2017 at 7PM, and will be continuing approximately fortnightly alternating between different days and times of the week, and changing topics on a monthly basis. YouTube Video 7-Jul-2017
DCP Medscope Integration – Update – June 2017 This is an update to an introduction of the DCP – Medscope Integration, which makes the process of making a referral for a Home Medicine Review free and easy via their ‘HMR Alert’ plug in application. Medscope provides a service of a Home Medicine Review performed by their Pharmacist Team based on location for a General Practitioner’s Patients. The main information link is: http://www.medscope.com.au/index.php?lMenuId=291 YouTube Video 11-Jun-2017
Medication Lookup Pricing – Overview This is an Overview of new DCP features for Medication. The first is Medication Pricing Lookup, and the second is a Medication Section Indicator. In both features, they are a simple way to obtain pricing on the patient’s medications to allow Clinicians and Patients determine affordability during consultations. YouTube Video 7-Jun-2017
DCP Automatic Start and Desktop Icon Settings – Overview This is a simple demonstration of how you can configure the settings of the DCP to Automatically Start it, and to place an application shortcut on the Windows Desktop. This can be done by any DCP User. It shows the settings and after changing them, so how now the DCP starts up automatically, upon restarting (or turning the PC on.) YouTube Video 19-May-2017
Pre-Consultation Review – Overview This is an introduction as part of a larger series about using the DCP for everyday usage. It presents the basics to start and use the DCP in the situation of a Pre-Consultation Review and then describes the importance of planning your consultation and how to recognise key clinical indicators on the Panel. This video is also ideal for new DCP users YouTube Video 2-May-2017
Resolving Uncoded Hypertension Part 1 – Introduction for March 2017 This is an introduction as part of a larger series about using the DCP for the Hypertension Disease. It presents the basics to start and use the Resolving Uncoded Hypertension Taskflow and then describes the importance of diagnosing Hypertension and blood pressure measurement, It also outlines how the taskflow is used to contact the patient via SMS about home monitoring devices. YouTube Video 30-Mar-2017
Waiting Room Auto-Print Bowel Cancer Screening – Overview for February 2017 An outline of what is required to be done to activate Waiting Room Information Sheets for Patients, and show an example of one.
Presentation Aims:

  • Setting the Waiting Room Application
  • Describing the Filter and printing Trigger
  • Showing the Information Sheet
  • Adding Windows Desktop Shortcut and Automatic Computer Startup
YouTube Video 6-Feb-2017
Care Plans For Mental Health Using Patient Centric Documents in the DCP – Overview for February 2017 Presentation Aims:

  • Accessing and Navigating the Patient Centric Documents Window
  • Completing a Document Template: Mental Health Care Plan
  • Adding the completed document to the Patient Record in the Clinical
YouTube Video 1-Feb-2017
DCP Medscope Integration – Overview for December 2016 This is a quick demonstration of the Medscope plugin for the DCP.
The Medscope plugin is a small application that allows you to send referrals to a Pharmacists for a Home Medication Review (HMR).
The Medscope plugin shows up on the DCP with the panel icons for the Medication Management Review.
YouTube Video 27-Jan-2017
DCP JLF Integration – Overview for November 2016 This will show you some new features in the Doctors Control Panel software that can help you to improve screening for bowel cancer in your practice.
The problem that we are trying to solve is that only about one third of people who receive a bowel cancer screening kit from the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program actually use the kit.
YouTube Video 7-Dec-2016
DCP Shared Health Summary – New Feature – Overview for October 2016 This is a quick introduction to changes to the DCP for 30th October 2016.
Included are the new prompts for [SHS] Shared Health Summary and [Individual] Healthcare Identifiers.
YouTube Video 7-Dec-2016
DCP GUI Overview of Updates for September 2016 This very short discussion on the new functions of the DCP for September 2016. The main items are:

  • Start Panel Overlay
  • Functions Panel Overlay
  • Settings – Configuration Panel Overlay
  • Closing the Control Panel
  • Miniview – Minimising the Control Panel
YouTube Video 31-Oct-2016