HeLP GP Data Usage

Data Usage in the HeLP GP Project

The following explains what data is collected in the HeLP GP Project through the DCP’s HeLP GP Practice Client Software.

It performs a variety of functions including a de-identified whole of practice medical record audit, the identification of eligible patients and an identified audit of the records of consenting patients. Each time the audit is run, it will extract data from the clinical records of patients.

1. Clinical Medical Record Audits

a) De-identified audit

This audit will be conducted at the start of the trial when the software is first installed to determine patients that have matching pre-defined criteria for the trial. All that data will be exported to a patient list.

b) Identified audit

Once patients have provided consent to be in the HeLP GP trial, the subsequent audits will include identifying information such as their name, age, and contact details. Identified audits may be performed by the client software arbitrarily to reset the trial, or to check the auditing process is performing. This will be triggered remotely by the Research Staff.

The HeLP GP trial will gather identified patient information at the point when they enrol, at 12 months, then again for the last time at 18 months.

2. Recruiting Patients

The client software will be used to print enrollment information and sign up sheets for patients with matching criteria, identified from information in the clinical database as the patients arrive in the waiting room. These information sheets will be provided to patients by reception staff upon being printed. The printout will include a page containing Patient ID, name, phone, age, gender, and the most recent measurements for BMI, BP, and Lipids. A pre-printed information sheet will also be given to the patient. When a patient is enrolled the client software can be triggered to perform a clinical medical record audit identical to the baseline audit for the enrolled patient at the time of enrolment. The information collated on individual patients will be made available to the medical practice and printed as a report.

3. Audit Data Range Extracted

The HeLP-GP researchers will produce reports (via their own HeLP GP Research Client Software) with the information as set out in the table below. The deidentified table data will not include identifying details (patient name, email, address, contact number). The identified table data will include identifying details.

4. Additional Resources

There is also a package of resources that will be provided to participating practices about the audits, and to the intervention practices to support them to provide the intervention. Providers will have access to this as a hard copy package, or via a provider website that will have electronic copies of resources. Intervention practices also receive facilitation visits provided by the PHN and three on-line training modules and support videos.