Performant Charts

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1. Introduction

Performant Charts is the newest major feature to the DCP. This feature is mainly for Practice Managers, Principals and Owners to review the clinical and practice performance of their General Practice. It can also be used to a limited degree by other Practice staff too, like GPs, Nurses, and Office Administrators.

This feature requires a subscription to use, with a trial only lasting 30 days.

A user of this feature has their access to it defined as per their role in their clinical and billing software. Subscribed Practice Managers and Practice Principals (they are free to use it, so long as there is at least one paid subscriber in the practice) can see all the General Practitioners or as ‘superheroes’ (a way of de-identifying GPs if performing a group review at a staff meeting). Subscribed Individual GPs can see their own individual statistics and patient lists, as well as the Practice and National averages.

2. Self-Learning Resources

2.1 Video Guides

All video guides have been compiled into a single YouTube Playlist.

Watch YouTube Playlist

These video updates are intended to be a 2-3 minutes brief tour of any new features or improvements added. They are published approximately monthly, and are listed in the following table:

Name Description Video Date
Performant Charts – First Look Overview This presentation introduces and demonstrates the Performant Charts, mainly for all Management and Clinical staff in the practice.



3. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions are shown in topical sections following. These are simple questions answered typically in 1-2 paragraphs.

Access Policies

Q: I cannot see all of the doctors (or superheroes) compared. What do I have to do to do so??

A: You need to have your clinical and/or billing software user account changed such that your role is either as a Practice Manager or a Practice Principal.

Q: Question 2?

A: Answer 2.
1. Point 1
2. Point 2.

4. Links

These are links to other webpages related to this topic.

4.1 DCP Related

Name Description and Significance URL
Performant Charts Product Page This is the product page that has some basic description and sample screenshots detailing the layout.

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