1. Introduction

Webinars are online seminars, that are held roughly fortnightly alternating between daytime (about 1PM) and night time (about 7PM), on selected weekdays.

Its part of a new ongoing series of online seminars that will discuss various topics on the DCP. Purposely we will not have much formality and structure to it. It will have a simple theme consisting of a short presentation and demonstration, with an open discussion. The ability to discuss is the main benefit of attending the webinars over watching self-learning resources. We may record the webinar as well for your later review or sharing with your colleagues who might not be able to attend.

2. Joining the Webinar

The Webinar is broadcast with pair of technology options, each for Video and Audio.

3.1 Video

The webinar visually is broadcast via screenconnect meeting, with the following details:

Direct Link : https://dcp.screenconnect.com/?Session=1c144d8d-0926-4843-b00d-52e416385fc7

(Note: if this direct link does not work, only then use the alternative URL and access code below.)

URL : https://dcp.screenconnect.com

Access Code : 4140

(Note: if you have video difficulties on the internet, please inform us via email email hidden; JavaScript is required which will be actively monitored at all times.)

3.2 Audio

The webinar sound is broadcast via uberconference, which can simply be accessed within your browser (Chrome is best) and can also offer the audio options of the Internet Web OR using a normal telephone.

URL : www.uberconference.com/dcpweb

Conference Code : 646-776-3567

Australian Conference Telephone : 02 8417 2302

(Note: if you have audio difficulties on the internet, please use that Australian Conference Telephone instead.)

3. Webinar Schedule

The following table shows the upcoming webinars planned.

Name Description Date Duration iCal Link
DCP for Beginners An introduction to the DCP for those new users and for those who want to be refreshed and look for tips. It will basically cover these topics:
– Purpose of the DCP
– Major features of the DCP: Main Control Panel, Settings, Functions Panel
– Audience participation and discussion: suggested work practices
– DCP Website’s Major Areas and Resources
Thursday, 1PM
3 August, 2017,
(Victoria Time)
30-45 minutes iCal

4. Past Webinars

All previous webinars that were recorded, are listed in the table following. Webinars will typically have their recording made accessible after the scheduled webinar for any given topic have all been held for that month.

We encourage that you attend live in person in the Audience where possible, rather than depending on the recordings, so as to participate in discussions.

Name Description Date Video Link
DCP for Beginners This is a webinar recording on a topic for Beginners to the Doctors Control Panel (DCP). It was the first webinar ever held on 7th July 2017 at 7PM. It was an introduction to the DCP for those new users and for those who want to be refreshed and look for tips. 7-Jul-2017 YouTube Video Webinar Thumbnail


5. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions are shown in topical sections following. These are simple questions answered typically in 1-2 paragraphs.

Video and Screen

Q: I am trying to use screenconnect to watch the Webinar, but it does not seem to work. What should I do?
A: Please inform us via email help [at] doctorscontrolpanel.com.au which will be actively monitored at all times.
We will reply promptly or call you to assist. If you are connected with uberconference, consider using it’s chat window instead.

Audio and Sound

Q: I am listening to the Webinar via the internet connect with UberConference, but it does not have consistent connection or the sound quality is poor. What should I do?
A: Please call the Australia Conference Telephone, 02 8417 2302 instead.
This will also releave pressure on your internet connection, perhaps improving your visual view of the presenter’s computer.

6. Links

These are links to other webpages related to this topic.

6.1 External Links

Name Description and Significance URL
UberConference Features For more background and features of this webinar solution. https://www.uberconference.com/features
ScreenConnect Guest Client Features This page will explain the features available in the ConnectWise® Control™ guest client. Mainly the Chat window, and the status window, as well as the windows system tray options. https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/…
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